Raw Garden 4 Amigas 1g Cartridge


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I never found myself struggling to find my favorite THC cartridge brand while trying all of these different carts. I always gravitated towards the cannabis cup winning cartridge brand, Raw Garden. After introducing all my stoner buddies to this THC cartridge, they instantly switched to it as their primary choice of cart too. When they first released their vape cartridges, they originally only had half gram options with a premium price tag.

However, my delivery guy was always trying to push them on me cause he swore they were the greatest. Sounds just like the typical cannabis delivery sales pitch to push his products I thought. After taking my first hit of a Raw Garden cartridge, I knew instantly these were something special. I went from vaping Stiiizy everyday to Raw Garden carts instantly. Since then I’ve tried every cartridge on this list and always went back to Raw Garden vape cartridges.


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